For a discussion of events that gathered full houses. It was found that the promotion should take place along the skiing road, but we verified a clear algorithm and collected an important basis for so many years of concert activity. What can go wrong? it turns out that a lot about this is accepted in this case.
How we did Sold Out at Noize MC in Cyprus
Event venue in the city of Limassol, Cyprus for 1000 people;
There are four concerts: Makarevich, Nizkiz, Monetochka and Noize MC;
The size of Russian-speaking statistics according to FB: 25-40 thousand.
THE OBJECTIVE is to capture the entire Russian-speaking population of Cyprus, increase the recognition of the site and, of course, sell it.
The main problem and our pain was the parameters of the camera and its inevitable burnout. There, in the absence of a hot base and supplied counters.
Targeted advertising. Facebook and Instagram
Lily advertising to a wide audience:
  • The lower age threshold was set at 18 years. In some advertising campaigns, it is planned to increase the bar to 30 years, for example, with the promotion of the Makarevich concert. The maximum age was limited to 55 years;
  • People living here - all people who live in 4 selected regions of Cyprus;
  • Russian language.
The meeting narrowed the audience with the interests of "music" and "billboard", but quickly realized that we would not cook porridge and cover the entire audience of the island. Subsequently, judgments were completely abandoned.
Also, over time, we have collected a base for retargeting, which we subsequently expanded through doubles.

We gradually accumulated new advertising campaigns so that the audience would not burn out under the storm. This allowed to increase the reach so that more people could find out about the concerts. Then we launched additional campaigns with the goal of traffic and focused more on ad retargeting. In the end, we fixed the result of the AC for the purpose of conversion.
The audience is quite narrow, so we didn’t particularly meet the chosen ones.

YouTube Concert Promotion
We approached the task in a comprehensive manner and decided to promote the concerts not only on Facebook and Instagram, but also on YouTube.

The audio recordings of the reports are the same as on Facebook and Instagram.

the probability of the current situation and the probability that the experience decided to choose two video formats: Discovery and In-Stream. We pursued the goal of capturing everyone so that everyone knows about these upcoming events. Without modest falsity, we succeeded, as the screenings turned out to be impressive for almost every concert.
Examples of videos that we make to promote events can be viewed on our channel in a special selection:

Advertising posts were made by online users, first on the website of the concert agency, and then by the end of the RK, right away on the ticket operator's widget.

We always pay great attention to creatives in concert promotion, and this case was not unusual.
We said that there were key moments in our work. At the initial stage, we started with regular posters and backed them up with text.
The text on the creatives was short. It was enough to interest a person to go to the site. there were cases when each time came across a different text.
However, during the impact optimization process, we decided to find a way to approach the ad. They did not give a high CTR, the frequency was lower, the CPC was expensive.
In the wake of when CTR ads began to drop a little, we added motions based on the same posters and musical accompaniment. The numbers flew up.
The final stage was a promotional video, we tried to make them colorful and spectacular. Basically it was cutting live concerts. We were lucky that we worked with the names of the artists and the search for materials did not take a lot of time.
people daily advertising in social networks.
All concerts were held with 85% occupancy, and Noize MC collected Sold! The customer is happy, and this is the main thing.
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