How We Elevated Venue Marketing Strategy

How We Elevated Venue Marketing Strategy

A long-term project requires the attention and efforts of everyone. One of your most challenging planning tasks is to meld stakeholders’ different expectations into a coherent and manageable set of goals. That is why we are convinced that freelancers or private marketers without a close-knit team are unsuitable for big companies who want a comprehensive marketing plan. 

So, 90thFloor is the highest multifunctional event venue in Europe, located on the 90th floor of the Federation Tower. They contacted us to promote their business and we faced a large pool of various tasks. 
The main goal was to draw up and implement a plan for the new concept of the venue. We had to rebrand the site to show users that this is the place where significant events for large campaigns can be held.

— Created a new event venue website;
— Implemented the direction of the event venue;
— Created a new visual style;
— Developed a brand book;
—Made menu layouts for restaurants and placed them in magazines;
— Placed the company on thematic sites.
Marketing Strategic Direction
Marketing Strategic Direction
We have advertised the event venue on the following resources

Web Development & Content Creation
The site helps create the desired image of the project. In essence, a website is the home of the project. Here, as in any house, the layout is important — the structure of the site, and the style — design, but most importantly, the house tells about its owner, introduces him closer and fills the guest with a sense of friendship. The more details of the life of your project a guest sees on the site, the brighter the feeling of personal acquaintance will be. And it’s easier to trust a friend, it’s nice to buy from him, and you want to talk about him.
Creation a New Visual Style
As creatives, it was decided to use simple colors and not overload pictures with extra text. Successful people who value their time are primarily interested in visiting the site. This is what we reflected in the advertising company.
Development a Brand Book
The brandbook solves two important tasks.

Firstly, it is a presentation of the final identity to the customer. Here you can see how the graphic elements collected in one place complement each other, how they will look on real world objects.
Secondly, a brand book is an instruction for everyone who will work with the company's corporate identity. Typically, brand identity is ordered outsourced. At the same time, the company may have a full-time designer who deals with current tasks. There is also a marketer who comes up with the concept of advertising, or an SMM manager who draws up posts.

Made a Google Ads and Yandex. Direct campaign
Distribution of advertising sources
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